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Student Conventions

To enhance its rapidly proliferating global network of schools, Accelerated Christian Education Ministries sponsors annual Educators' Conventions and Student Conventions. Accelerated Christian Education's Regional Student Convention and International Student Convention give Christian young people opportunities to develop leadership skills. Convention preparation and competition develops skills and attitudes that will prepare them for life. Each year Accelerated Christian Education sponsors an International Student Convention on a major U.S. university campus. Approximately 4,000 young people worldwide qualify in regional conventions for competition in approximately 150 events in the catagories of music, oratory, art, athletics, academics, and numerous aspects of service. This premier event is the highlight of the school year for hundreds of schools and homeschools using the Accelerated Christian Education program.


At the younger age the students begin to develop skills, follow instructions, develop muscle tone, cooperate and more, often through fun games such as “Simon Says” etc. Older ages have had opportunities to participate in swimming during first term ending with a Swimming Gala, Athletics in the 2nd term, culminating with Sports Day and other events such as netball, football, volley ball, cricket, rounders, baseball etc. in the 3rd term. Occasional we’ve had friendly football matches with other schools and an end of term inter-house match in football, netball and volleyball. The students develop not only skills in sports but also team spirit and other life skills, such as cooperation. We have introduced Bronze, Silver and Gold categories in swimming – similar to the Duke of Edinborough Swimming Awards. These set a challenge for each student to aspire towards, incorporating swimming and life saving skills. We continue to aim for excellence in all that we do – for the good of the students, school and for the glory of God.


The students turn out increasingly artistic work, not only in school, but for competition, both for the student conventions as well as for the Orchid Show Art Competition to which we have submitted art pieces for the past two years, gaining 2nd and 3rd prizes and a “highly commended” in some age categories. The students have had, over the years, opportunity to explore their talents as they experiment with a variety of media, pencil, pen, paint and far more.